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About me

The visual repertoire feeds  of the emotion and pleasure felt by observing and questioning  the different points of view perceived at the bend of urban or rural strolls. They then play the game of experimenting with blurry or peripheral visions that are photographed or sketched. This unexpected look allows  build up a pictorial vocabulary and establish an abstract intention of the landscape. 

This trampling of images, sensations, small memories, put in reserve  take part in  the primary motivation  of the creative process and is practiced with this in mind. Creation  is built by the uncertain or affirmed traces of permanent exchanges  of each intervention.

The large format allows the gesture to be deployed and allows breathing. The work experiments with color in transparency, in spots and drips, uses the accident of movement, employs monotypes that work towards visual poetry, promotes the balance of power between  full and empty, contributes by graphic writing to remeshing  of all of these acts to lead to a necessary emotion.


The paintings are the result of an association of various mediums: oil paint, acrylic, inks, chalks,  black chalk, charcoal,  graphical pencils which associated with each other lead to sensory energy.

© Copyright Monique Bourgarel

Serial work  allows to deepen the pictorial story, giving it consistency and continuity,  offering a visual tale  to  look.

Monique BOURGAREL visual artist                 

lives and works in the south of France in


  • Marseille-Luminy School of Art and Architecture

  • Plastic Arts University  Aix-Marseille

  • Training with Daniel Lacomme,
    Painter Engraver , professor of the École supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris
    Author of the collection "l'Atelier Vivant"

© Copyright Monique Bourgarel

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